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Our Sustainability Policy

As a business, Oyster recognise the impact of the print industry on our natural environment, however we don’t believe that print should be deemed negative, as long as there are measures in place to ensure that it is sustainable.

Through Oysters Eco Tariff, our clients have helped reforest the local area and as a result positively impact wildlife and ecosystems.

As an Oyster client, you would benefit from Print/Copy devices that use lower amounts of energy, ensure all your printed paper usage is reforested and ultimately reduce your overall spend, it really is a win win scenario.

Oyster’s approach to tree planting is holistic, planting trees to create wildlife habitat, combat climate change and make a greener world.

To create wildlife habitats we are working in association with Tree Appeal planting multi-species tree plantations because ecosystems require the biodiversity of trees. In association with Tree Appeal we plant up to thirty different species of native broadleaved trees comprising berry and fruit-producing hedgerow trees and larger species such as beech and oak that produce nuts. These trees are planted in wildlife reserves like the one above Holmfirth West Yorkshire.

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Create a culture within our own business and with our supplier partners and clients where we embed sustainability as a criteria in decisions, proposals and projects

We actively talk about sustainability in any conversations we have, as part of our Oyster Sustainability messaging.

We have implemented sustainability programs, such as toner recycling and a re-purposing programme for old machinery.

Waste paper is always recycled.

All devices have eco modes and low fusing options Envopap recommended as paper supplier.

Software installed to reduce paper use, by up to 30%.

Drive sustainability collaborations with our partners

Insist no packaging is used when delivering new machinery. We protect them with old carpet.

Our suppliers recycle any cardboard at source.

Our Tree Appeal partnership and our Eco tariff initiative.

Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations

Remote managed help desk, to reduce engineer call outs.

EV fleet options available to staff.

Voltage optimisation systems to be installed.

Empower, educate and equip our staff on sustainability

Educate our staff to make more sustainable choices, and to consider environmental impact in anything they do.

Encourage staff to influence client decisions with sustainable initiatives.

Provide our staff with workwear made from recycled bottles.

See our recent planting event at West Nab Shooting lodge below

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Tree Appeal

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Our Eco Tarrif

To find out how you can support our eco tarrif visit Tree Appeal partner page

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